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Innovative game server hosting combined with a straightforward control panel, affordable prices, and Rocket-Fast support. Don't Settle For Less, Settle For JHosting.


A system that combines DDOS Protection and Software Protection keeping your server online.

High performance

Our servers are extremely fast allowing you to host as much as you need without worrying about power.

Fast storage

Our services use the best NVMe M.2 solutions to provide a quality experience for our customers.

Instant deployment

When you order a server our automated system provisions your server so it is ready to use instantly.

Fast support

Our Rocket-Fast support team is there for you when you need it the most, ready to help.

Global locations

We offer a lot of datacenter locations, this assures low ping between you and your service.

DDOS Protection

Our network at all our locations is protected by enterprise DDoS protection to ensure that your server stays online, even during an attack.

The question is not whether you need DDoS protection, but when you need it. JHosting ensures that your project is protected 24/7 against any type of attack from outside and then we don't care how long that attack lasts and how large it is.

Some attacks that you are protected against:

  • UDP Floods
  • HTTP GET/POST Floods
  • UDP Fragmentation
  • XOR DDoS
  • NTP/DNS Amplification
  • SSDP/UPNP Responses
  • Spoofed SYN
  • HOIC and LOIC
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