Buy Leads , RDP , SMTP , Cpanel
Buy Leads , RDP , SMTP , Cpanel
Buy Leads , RDP , SMTP , Cpanel
Buy Leads , RDP , SMTP , Cpanel
JHosting - Cheap and the Best

Welcome to JHosting - The best hosting for you out there!

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Shared Game Servers

The BEST price to performance ratio

Our game servers are easy to manage and protection by our own DDOS protection infrastructure. We only use latest-gen AMD Ryzen 7950X CPU's for the best single core performance.

Why choose JHosting?

Top of the line performance

JHosting gives you the best performance possible by only using last-gen AMD Ryzen 7950X and Intel Core I9-12900K Clocked from 3.4GHz all the way to 4.9GHz, single-core performance will be as good as it gets for game hosting.

We are also using DDR4 3200Mhz RAM and PCIe4 NVMe SSD's for insane storage speeds at any time. Overall at JHosting you get the best performance for the right price!

Easy to use control panel

We are offering a clean and easy control panel for our game hosting, with all the features you need.

Some of our features:

  • FTP login
  • Browser file management
  • Subuser login
  • Create databases
  • Server backups
  • Console input
  • Restart your server
  • Scheduled command
  • Scheduled power action
  • Databse management

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